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Download a copy of the Paper CD Cases for the KeyMac Library CD and the KeyMac Breen's Bungalow CD (both in PDF format)

Instructions for folding the Paper CD Case. (PDF format)


Safari Security Hole

by Troy Kingsbury (Troy@smalldog.com)
CheckSpace Applescript - Check how much space is left on your hard drive. (80 KB)
Steve Jobs Story from Business Week Magazine in PDF format (76 KB)

Steve Jobs: The Rolling Stone Interview By Jeff Goodell

in PDF format (92 KB)  
Keystone MacCentral Library Catalog in PDF format (242 KB)
Updated March 2012!
This is a catalog of all of the files maintained in the Keystone MacCentral Software Library. Files can be ordered by sending E-mail to our Librarian. Use the Board of Directors page to send and e-mail. Please include the word “MacCentral” in the subject. I will bring your order to the next meeting. You may mix and match any files. Please indicate the preferred media: Zip disk, or CD. Be sure to include your E-mail address!
Keyboard Shortcuts in PDF format (564 KB)

This is a list of all known (by me) Mac keyboard shortcuts. It contains shortcuts only for the Finder and its utili-ties, not for third party applications.
These shortcuts are not universal; that is, whether the shortcuts function properly depends on which Mac and which system you are using.

Created by Tim Sullivan, KeyMac Librarian


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