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All Printout Newsletters are in PDF format.
2021 Printouts
November 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - MacOS Shortcuts and Free and Easy PhotoEditing with Snapseed (4.9MB)
October 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - The Messages App and More iPhone Photo Tips (3.3MB)
September 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - What's New at Apple and iPhone Photo Tips (3.6MB)
August 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - Tic Toc Tricks and iPhone Photo Tips (4.4MB)
July 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - Astronomy, iPhone Photography, Pages for Page Layout (4.6MB)
June 2021   Online Zoom Meeting (4.5MB)
May 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - Smartphone Photography (2.1MB)
April 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - Mac Anti-Virus and Security (4MB)
March 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - VPN, Little Snitch, & Malware in Your Mac (7.1MB)
February 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - OneDrive and 4K VideoDownloader (3.8MB)
January 2021   Online Zoom Meeting - Join Us! (3.1MB)
2020 Printouts
December 2020   Online Zoom Meeting - Everyone Welcome! (3.1MB)
November 2020   Online Zoom Meeting - Join Us! (3.1MB)
October 2020   Online Zoom Meeting - Everyone Welcome! (4.8MB)
September 2020   Online Zoom Meeting - Join Us! (2.2MB)
July/August 2020   Online Zoom Meeting - Everyone Welcome! (1.9MB)
June 2020   Summer Events (2.3MB)
May 2020   COVID Quarantine Continues (1.3MB)
April 2020   COVID Quarantine (1.9MB)
March 2020   Removing Malware (2MB)
February 2020   RAVPower FileHub (963KB)
January 2020   iPhone Photography (3.6MB)
2019 Printouts
December 2019   December Program (1.5MB)
November 2019   RAVPower FileHub (2.1MB)
October 2019   The Latest iOS (684KB)
September 2019   We're Back! (3.3MB)
July 2019   Further Dog Days of Summer (2.3MB)
June 2019   Dog Days of Summer (2.4MB)
May 2019   Videos, Microsoft Edge, & Command Line (2.5MB)
April 2019   Apple Announcements (1.7MB)
March 2019   Roundtable (1.6MB)
February 2019   iOS (1.9MB)
January 2019   Hackers and Passwords! (1.5MB)
2018 Printouts
December 2018   KeyMac Christmas Party! (1.6MB)
November 2018   November Presentations (1.4MB)
October 2018   October Presentations (1.5MB)
September 2018   We're Back! (1.9MB)
July/August 2018   More Summer Vacation (1.9MB)
June 2018   Summer Vacation (2.0MB)
May 2018   Redux: How to Recover Your Data and Auction (721KB)
April 2018   KeyMac Auction (2.1MB)
March 2018   How to Recover Your Data (1.5MB)
February 2018   Try Again! (1.3MB)
January 2018   January Meeting (1.9MB)
2017 Printouts
December 2017   Holiday Party (2.4MB)
November 2017   November Meeting (3.3MB)
October 2017   October Meeting (1.2MB)
September 2017   Starting the New Year (1.9MB)
July/August 2017   Summer Hiatus Redux (2.3MB)
June 2017   Summer Hiatus (2.0MB)
May 2017   A Talk With Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus (1.8MB)
April 2017   Annual Auction (2.8MB)
March 2017   FotoMagico (1.5MB)
February 2017   Sharing is Caring (700KB)
January 2017   Some Helpful Hints (1.5MB)
2016 Printouts
December 2016   KeyMac Christmas Party! (1.1MB)
November 2016   Keep Your Computer Nimble (2.3MB)
October 2016   The Nik Collection and Snapseed from Google (528KB)
September 2016   New Season - New Stuff (2.6MB)
July/August 2016   Redux: Do Not Disturb until September! (901KB)
June 2016   Do Not Disturb until September! (2.8MB)
May 2016   CleanMyMac 3 (1.5MB)
April 2016   KeyMac Annual Auction (1.3MB)
March 2016   Searching for Malware (1.2MB)
February 2016   Art Apps (1.8MB)
January 2016   Catch up with El Capitan (434KB)
2015 Printouts
December 2015   Holiday Party! (1.5MB)
November 2015   iPhone 6 Plus, iOS9, & Bootable Thumb Drive (1.9MB)
October 2015   GoPro Cameras, Accessories, and You! (537KB)
September 2015   An Apple Event & 3D Printing (3.2MB)
July 2015   Summer Break! (1.7MB)
June 2015   Summer Break! (2.4MB)
May 2015   Artista Impresso Pro (897KB)
April 2015   KeyMac Annual Auction (1.9MB)
March 2015   Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, buying camera cards, and VPN - Attempt #2 (897KB)
February 2015   Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker, buying camera cards, and VPN. (532KB)
January 2015   Upgrading a Laptop (508KB)
2014 Printouts
December 2014   Keystone MacCentral Holiday Party (528KB)
November 2014   Educate Yourself Using Your iMac or iPad (1.9MB)
October 2014   Tips and Tricks (512KB)
September 2014   Smart Phones and Apple Watches (2.1MB)
July/August 2014   Summer Hiatus (1.3MB)
June 2014   Summer Hiatus (1.4MB)
May 2014   Board Elections and Mini Auction (1.8MB)
April 2014   KeyMac Auction (2.0MB)
March 2014   M-Discs and Lightroom (1.4MB)
February 2014   Try Again... (909KB)
January 2014   Sharing Photos and Photoshop (2.5MB)
2013 Printouts
December 2013   Happy Holidays (2.2MB)
November 2013   Photography Corner and Mavericks Features (1.4MB)
October 2013   These Are A Few of My Favorite (iOS 7) Things (2.7MB)
September 2013   Photography Corner (733KB)
July 2013   Summer Break (1.3MB)
June 2013   WWDC Highlights (1.3MB)
May 2013   Image Graphics Programs (1.8MB)
April 2013   KeyMac Annual Auction! (1.0MB)
March 2013   Myths and Misconceptions of the Law for Photographers (918KB)
February 2013   iPads (1.1MB)
January 2013   Ring in the New Year! (3.2MB)
2012 Printouts
December 2012   Season's Greetings! (1.4MB)
November 2012   Bits and Pieces (1.4MB)
October 2012   The Right Lens for the Subject (1.4MB)
September 2012   We're Back! (1.2MB)
July 2012   Summer Break Continues (479KB)
June 2012   Summer Break (897KB)
May 2012   Using Photoshop Elements: A Continuation (1.4MB)
April 2012   AUCTION! (324KB)
March 2012   An Introduction to Lightroom (459KB)
February 2012   LINUX (471KB)
January 2012   Photoshop Elements and Lightroom (496KB)

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