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OS X Tips: Safari Bookmarks

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Adding Bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar

The bookmarks bar provides a convenient place to keep bookmarks for pages you visit regularly. You can add bookmarks to the bookmarks bar when you open the page or later using the Bookmarks Library.

1. To add a bookmark to the bar, open a page and drag the icon from the address box to the bookmarks bar. (see Figure 1)

Figure 1

2. In the dialog that appears, type a name for the bookmark. (see Figure 2)

Bookmark dialog
Figure 2

You can also click the Add button in the address bar, then choose Bookmarks Bar from the pop-up menu. (see Figure 3)

Bookmark Add button
Figure 3

Arrange Bookmarks
To arrange bookmarks in the bar, drag a bookmark left or right. To remove a bookmark, drag it above the bar.

To add bookmarks to the bar from your bookmark collections or organize the bookmarks in the bar, choose Show All Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu.

To add a folder of bookmarks to the bar, open the Bookmarks Library and drag the icon for the folder to the bar. To open all the bookmarks in a folder in tabs when you click the name of the folder in the bookmarks bar, select the Auto-Tab checkbox next to the folder. (see Figure 4)

Add Bookmark Folder to the bar
Figure 4

If you add a folder of bookmarks to the bookmarks bar, you'll see a triangle next to its name. Click the folder's name to open a bookmark from the list. If you select the Auto-Tab checkbox for a folder, you'll see a square next to the name. Click the folder's name to open all the bookmarks in tabs.

Export Bookmarks from Safari

Have you ever needed to export your bookmarks from Safari to any other browser? If you have, SBE is for you. It supports exporting to OmniWeb, Camino, Mozilla, Netscape, and Internet Explorer bookmark file formats. Best of all, it's free!

Safari Bookmark Exporter 1.0.5

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